Cholera Plagues East Africa

Africa is no stranger to cholera, with the continent accounting for 41% of the world’s reported cholera cases in 2015. Cholera is an easily preventable, acute diarrheal disease that is spread by ingesting food or water contaminated with feces. VIGILINT Staff Physician, Dr. Jason Pickett, highlights the dangers of cholera: “Most people infected have mild… Continue reading Cholera Plagues East Africa

Epidemiology Report: Mosquito Borne Diseases From Travel

Source: The Aedes Mosquito. September 2, 2015

As VIGILINT has reported, the 2016 Zika outbreak in Central and South America highlighted the threat posed by vector-borne diseases to governments, corporations, and travelers. With the ability to host a number of different diseases, mosquitos cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide each year. Increasing global temperatures create more mosquito-friendly habitats,… Continue reading Epidemiology Report: Mosquito Borne Diseases From Travel