Legionnaires Disease Outbreaks

Caused by an infection of the bacteria Legionella, Legionnaires Disease is a respiratory illness which manifests as a severe form of pneumonia. Source: Adobe

At this time of the year, respiratory diseases are a concern and occupy a prominent place in the news. While COVID-19 and flu are recurring topics of media discussion, other illnesses are also emerging as noteworthy. Recently, there have been outbreaks of Legionnaires Disease in various corners of the world. Due to how Legionnaires Disease… Continue reading Legionnaires Disease Outbreaks

2024 Health Concerns to Watch: Drug Pricing

USD dollar bills in a drug bottle over the medical pills. Medicine, healthcare industry and drug trafficking concept. Overhead macro view with copy space.

Inflation, the cost of living, and medical expenses/insurance are hot-button issues in the US. As we move into the 2024 election cycle, they will likely occupy more time and attention in the media and campaign trail. One of the principal challenges facing consumers in the new year is a pending increase in drug prices, which… Continue reading 2024 Health Concerns to Watch: Drug Pricing

Leishmaniasis in the United States

An image of a sandfly. Image: Adobe Stock

The virological and epidemiological landscapes are changing rapidly, and both health professionals and informed business travelers will have to make decisions under rapidly evolving circumstances. Long considered a tropical disease confined to South America, MENA, and South Asia, Leishmaniasis has managed to expand its range over the last few years. The last few months have… Continue reading Leishmaniasis in the United States

Health and Safety During Holiday Travel

Traveler with suitcase in airport concept.Young girl walking with carrying luggage and passenger for tour travel booking ticket flight at international vacation time in holiday rest and relaxation.

The holiday season is in full swing. In the United States, Thanksgiving 2023 set the record for the highest air travel day, with nearly 3 million screened travelers taking to the air the Wednesday before the holiday. Business travel is still ongoing, adding a layer of travelers to the landscape. While the COVID-19 pandemic may… Continue reading Health and Safety During Holiday Travel

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Bed Bugs Outbreak in Paris: What Business Travelers Should Know

Akos Nagy via Shutterstock

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been treated to some dire-sounding headlines about “Bed Bugs Outbreak in Paris” and a few other European cities. Allegations have been made that bed bugs have infested high-end hotels and are traveling home with visitors to that city. As bed bugs are a legitimate public health concern, business travelers… Continue reading Bed Bugs Outbreak in Paris: What Business Travelers Should Know

Clovibactin And The Future of Antibiotics 

A researcher holds a Petri dish with a culture of bacteria on which an antibiotic disc test is performed. Image: Adobe

Clovibactin seems to be an impressive new antibiotic, at least per current research results–\As we move through the wake of the official COVID-19 pandemic, there’s a great deal of focus on new antiviral and antibiotic treatments in various forms. This interest has, in turn, spurred on a new round of research, funding, and exploration into… Continue reading Clovibactin And The Future of Antibiotics 

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COVID-19 Infection Rate Sparks Return to Some Restrictions

In the last week, the CDC reported COVID hospitalizations have risen by another 21.6%

Roughly a year after President Biden assured the nation that the COVID-19 pandemic was effectively over, rising transmission and hospitalization rates have motivated some businesses and institutions to return to masking and distancing. While COVID-19 numbers are nowhere near their peak levels, sharp increases are a cause for concern, and both individuals and businesses should… Continue reading COVID-19 Infection Rate Sparks Return to Some Restrictions

Alpha-Gal Syndrome: Causes, Concerns, and Prevention

Tick and host associated factors linked with alpha-gal syndrome. Image: Frontiers

Alpha-Gal Syndrome is a peculiar disease. While it has affected thousands of patients across the US and Canada and carries long-lasting implications, recent reports show that over 40% of doctors have never even heard of it. With cases on the rise and an increasing level of media attention, there’s a growing demand for accurate and… Continue reading Alpha-Gal Syndrome: Causes, Concerns, and Prevention

Malaria Infections Identified in the US; CDC Issues Warning

On June 26, 2023, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued a Health Alert Network (HAN) Health Advisory in order to inform healthcare providers and policymakers about the following malaria infections:  Identification of locally acquired malaria cases (P. vivax) in two U.S. states (Florida [4] and Texas [1]) within the last 2 months, Concern for… Continue reading Malaria Infections Identified in the US; CDC Issues Warning

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Cyberattacks on Medical Facilities

Scripps Memorial Hospital Emergency Department in La Jolla. (Howard Lipin/Howard Lipin/The San Diego Union-Tribune)

Cyberattacks are a genuine concern in all industries, but the nature of health care and medical care centers brings some unique variables. As public awareness of cyberattacks on hospitals and other healthcare providers grows, medical professionals, business leaders, and policymakers face increasingly challenging questions about the impact and possible responses.  It is important to remember… Continue reading Cyberattacks on Medical Facilities

First Cases of Drug-Resistant Fungus Found in US

Highly contagious, drug resistant ringworm spreading in the US. Image: Getty

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has reported the first US cases of a drug-resistant fungus, which causes skin infections, rashes, and lesions. The first known patients, two women in New York City, have experienced symptoms including lesions on their backs, thighs, buttocks, and genitals. The fungus responsible, Trichophyton indotineae, is highly contagious and poses… Continue reading First Cases of Drug-Resistant Fungus Found in US

Candida auris Spreading Quickly Throughout US

Colonized Candida auris patients shed fungus via skin. Image: iStock

Amidst growing concerns about other drug-resistant diseases spreading throughout the world, in the US, a fungal disease, Candida auris, is a particular worry in some healthcare circles. Capable of causing serious infections and even fatalities, the growing potential for a Candida auris epidemic demands understanding, continued surveillance, and appropriate preparations.  What is Candida auris?  Candida… Continue reading Candida auris Spreading Quickly Throughout US