VIGILINT Advantage

Patient to Physician in 30 Seconds

Clients in need call into the Medical Operations Center and are connected to a
VIGILINT Physician in 30-Seconds.


Founded in 2006, VIGILINT provides immediate medical support to our members from our board-certified physicians.

Our diverse portfolio includes medical solutions for individuals corporations, NGOs, academic institutions and governments.


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For many years, we've had a very competent medical advisor, VIGILINT, who helps us with all kinds of things around the world, not the least important of which is our participation in disasters. That's sort of our main charitable activity. We have the hose in the house if your house catches on fire.

Fredrick W. Smith FedEx Chairman & CEO

Real Physicians.
Real Experience.
Real-Time Support

During a recent trip to Hanoi, Vietnam, Tara’s minor strep throat progressed to a severe one-in-a-million case and almost cost her her life. Tara and her travel companion discuss the terrifying ordeal and how VIGILINT and Cleveland Clinic’s GMAP program saved her life.