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May 14, 2020: In an interview with The Washington Post FedEx CEO Frederick W. Smith credits the company's long-term medical advisory company, VIGILINT, for early COVID-19 containment strategies. Dr. Eric Ossmann advised FedEx immediately upon discovery of the virus in Wuhan, China in January 2020. 

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Interactive Worldwide Health Risk Map - Updated on an Ongoing Basis

On March 31, 2020, the U.S State Department issued a Global Level 4 Health Advisory - DO NOT TRAVEL. All US citizens should avoid international travel due to the global impact of COVID-19. 

Countries experiencing a significant strain in their public healthcare systems due to COVID-19 cases, and countries with additional travel advisories unrelated to COVID-19 from the US State Department and the CDC, have been identified in the map below. 

hover over any country for THE LATEST TRAVEL ADVISORIES, INFECTIOUS DISEASE WARNINGS, and proprietary healthcare infrastructure intel.


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COVID-19 Update: Mutated Strain Found in Minks

By Alex Buckman and Emily Elmore | November 9, 2020

New SARS-CoV-2 Strain Found in Northern Europe’s Mink Population On November 5, 2020, Denmark reported 12 human cases of COVID-19 caused by a mutated SARS-CoV-2 strain carried by minks. Minks are a semi-aquatic mammal closely related to the weasel, otter, and ferret. Six other countries have reported outbreaks at mink farms including the Netherlands, Spain,… Read more about COVID-19 Update: Mutated Strain Found in Minks

Flu Season & the Pandemic: Twindemic or a Manageable Crisis?

By Alex Snyder | September 17, 2020

As of September 17, 2020, there are over 29.9 million COVID-19 cases and 941,000 deaths worldwide. The United States leads the count with over 6.65 million cases and 197,000 deaths. The influential model from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation projects there could be approximately 415,000 COVID-19 deaths by January 1, 2021 in the… Read more about Flu Season & the Pandemic: Twindemic or a Manageable Crisis?

COVID-19 Update: Convalescent Plasma

By Emily Elmore | August 27, 2020

On Sunday, August 23, the US Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for convalescent plasma as a treatment for hospitalized COVID-19 patients citing “known and potential benefits of the product outweigh the known and potential risks of the product.” The EUA would effectively enable physicians to treat COVID-19 patients… Read more about COVID-19 Update: Convalescent Plasma

COVID-19 Update: The Race for a Vaccine

By Emily Elmore | July 28, 2020

Vaccine development for COVID-19 is topic number one, and our collective hope for going back to “normal” dangle on that needle. The global race to market includes pharma’s heavy hitters like Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, and Moderna, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company that displayed hopeful results in Phase-1 trials and just this week received another… Read more about COVID-19 Update: The Race for a Vaccine

COVID-19 Update: The Disparity Between the US and the EU COVID-19 Experience

By Emily Elmore | July 8, 2020

As the US topped a whopping 2.8 million cases and a death count of 130,000 last week, cities and towns across the nation canceled July 4th firework displays and large public gatherings in an effort to prevent further spread of COVID-19. The fervor for holiday travel was scaled down this past weekend compared to prior… Read more about COVID-19 Update: The Disparity Between the US and the EU COVID-19 Experience

COVID-19 Update: What is the New Normal for Businesses?

By Emily Elmore | June 11, 2020

When movies are made about the COVID-19 pandemic, the city of New York will have a starring role. Once the epicenter of the virus outbreak, the densely populated city endured months of significantly high rates of confirmed infections and reported deaths. As cases began to steadily decrease in the month of May, Governor Cuomo’s daily… Read more about COVID-19 Update: What is the New Normal for Businesses?

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During a recent trip to Hanoi, Vietnam, Tara's minor strep throat progressed to a severe one-in-a-million case and almost cost her her life. Tara and her travel companion discuss the terrifying ordeal and how VIGILINT and Cleveland Clinic's GMAP program saved her life.

"As a global media and communications company, complex medical challenges frequently confront our offices and business travelers. VIGILINT plays a valuable role in our crisis management process as a trusted medical advisor. Their team is incredibly knowledgeable and responsive. Global companies like ours are constantly affected by international health issues and VIGILINT has been a true partner when we needed an informed opinion to help set policy and guidance with respect to medical challenges affecting the health and safety of our employees and our ability to meet our client obligations. They are my first call whenever a medical crisis arises.”

-Director of Business Continuity & Crisis Management, Fortune 500 global advertising and marketing services company

"We have been using VIGILINT for the past two years and have been very satisfied with their services. The information and services have been provided in a very timely manner with extremely accurate information. They have been an intricate part in our planning of large corporate events."

-Manager of Risk Services, $10-billion-a-year consumer products company

“Simply put, VIGILINT is unmatched anywhere. They are compassionate, with high professional standards and an unwavering commitment to their client. For many years, VIGILINT has allowed our Family Office to travel with confidence, with complicated medical problems. This is the most complete, impressive, full-service program I have ever encountered. They are highly respected physicians who believe in personalized service.”

-West Coast family office (family-owned global event production company)