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January 14, 2019, Morrisville, NC: VIGILINT, a global telemedicine company, announced the launch of its redesigned website featuring online enrollment for telemedicine membership via Individuals and families can select from several robust telemedicine membership packages that offer 30 second, direct access to life saving treatment from board certified emergency physicians.

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Interactive Worldwide Health Risk Map - Updated November 2019

We are currently monitoring the coronavirus (2019-ncov) outbreak that began in wuhan city, china, and HAS SPREAD TO OTHER COUNTRIES, INCLUDING THE UNITED STATES.  real-time TRAVEL ADVISORIES from the cdc WILL BE ADDED TO AFFECTED COUNTRIES. 


hover over any country for THE LATEST TRAVEL ADVISORIES, INFECTIOUS DISEASE WARNINGS, and proprietary healthcare infrastructure intel


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China: New Strain of Coronavirus Connected to Pneumonia Cases

By Matthew Zulauf and Renee Sprole | January 13, 2020

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced last week that Chinese authorities have made an initial identification of a new coronavirus connected to recent cases of pneumonia in Wuhan City, China. On Saturday, the first death linked to the disease was reported by Chinese officials.   To date, reports from China indicate 15 of the 59… Read more about China: New Strain of Coronavirus Connected to Pneumonia Cases

Airplane Food: How to Dine In-Flight Without Your Stomach Taking a Nosedive

By Shannon Efird | January 7, 2020

This week marks the beginning of the first full week of 2020, and millions of Americans will begin their typical routines again, and along with it, their daily work and personal travel in the air. Recent headlines have shed light on the lack of consistent inspections on airplane food and subsequent health concerns that leave… Read more about Airplane Food: How to Dine In-Flight Without Your Stomach Taking a Nosedive

2019 in Review: VIGILINT’s Major Health Stories of the Year

By Megan Kasprzak | December 30, 2019

As a global health company, VIGILINT has a unique mission: we work 24/7 to protect the safety, health, and security of travelers around the world. The VIGILINT team writes blog posts to keep clients up-to-date on current global security and health events. From the US measles outbreak to Ebola on the rise, we’re bringing you… Read more about 2019 in Review: VIGILINT’s Major Health Stories of the Year

World Diabetes Day: Safest Way to Travel with Diabetes

By Megan Kasprzak | November 13, 2019

The leaves have fallen, and we finally have a reprieve from the sweltering summer temperatures. Turkey, stuffing, and time with family are all just around the corner as we enter into the 2019 holiday season. Though visiting family and eating delicious home-cooked meals are staple holiday traditions, the nearly 30.3 million American patients who are… Read more about World Diabetes Day: Safest Way to Travel with Diabetes

Polio in Afghanistan and Pakistan

By Megan Kasprzak | October 28, 2019

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, polio, or poliomyelitis, is a crippling and potentially deadly infectious disease. The disease is very contagious and spreads from person to person. Children under the age of 5 are the main demographic affected by the virus. About 75% of individuals who do get infected with poliovirus… Read more about Polio in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Crisis in Hong Kong: Update for Travelers

By Alex Snyder and Emily Elmore | August 22, 2019

Brief History Hong Kong was ceded to Great Britain in perpetuity as spoils of the 19th Century Opium Wars. For the next 156 years, under British influence, Hong Kong developed a political culture unique to Mainland China and flourished as an open economy. In 1997, after years of negotiations,  Hong Kong was returned to China­… Read more about Crisis in Hong Kong: Update for Travelers

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During a recent trip to Hanoi, Vietnam, Tara's minor strep throat progressed to a severe one-in-a-million case and almost cost her her life. Tara and her travel companion discuss the terrifying ordeal and how VIGILINT and Cleveland Clinic's GMAP program saved her life.

"As a global media and communications company, complex medical challenges frequently confront our offices and business travelers. VIGILINT plays a valuable role in our crisis management process as a trusted medical advisor. Their team is incredibly knowledgeable and responsive. Global companies like ours are constantly affected by international health issues and VIGILINT has been a true partner when we needed an informed opinion to help set policy and guidance with respect to medical challenges affecting the health and safety of our employees and our ability to meet our client obligations. They are my first call whenever a medical crisis arises.”

-Director of Business Continuity & Crisis Management, Fortune 500 global advertising and marketing services company

"We have been using VIGILINT for the past two years and have been very satisfied with their services. The information and services have been provided in a very timely manner with extremely accurate information. They have been an intricate part in our planning of large corporate events."

-Manager of Risk Services, $10-billion-a-year consumer products company

“Simply put, VIGILINT is unmatched anywhere. They are compassionate, with high professional standards and an unwavering commitment to their client. For many years, VIGILINT has allowed our Family Office to travel with confidence, with complicated medical problems. This is the most complete, impressive, full-service program I have ever encountered. They are highly respected physicians who believe in personalized service.”

-West Coast family office (family-owned global event production company)