October 31, 2018, Morrisville, NC:  Renee Sprole, Vice President, Global Client Services for VIGILINT, a global telemedicine company, was a featured panelist at Cleveland Clinic’s Medical Innovations Summit focused on ‘Disruption: Reimagining Healthcare’.

VIGILINT’s Renee Sprole, and the other panelists, considered the future of digital health.  During the panel discussion, Sprole emphasized an integrated platform and leveraging choices for access: including wearables, whatsApp, video, cell, etc. for the advancement of patient care.  “The growing acceptance of telehealth in the US has made it an ideal solution for acute care for global travelers.” Sprole commented. “[Our] telemedicine services provide care for travelers with pre-trip video consults plus pre-travel prescriptions, which establish a physician-patient relationship for ease of telemedicine use when on the road — where telemedicine is more efficient than seeing a physician in an unknown country, avoids language barriers or an ER trip due to escalation—and it’s back to work or vacation faster.” Regarding the future of digital health, Sprole stated “We have yet to see what’s coming next in digital health. The technology build is so much more than anticipated; and we need to get ready because the level of expectation of how patients receive care, and what they want from digital health — at their finger-tips and with a level of personalization, is much greater than an in-person visit.”

Cleveland Clinic’s Medical Innovation Summit brought together more than 100 speakers and leaders from more than 500 organizations and 20 countries in focusing on the theme of ‘Disruption:  Reimagining Healthcare.’

VIGILINT is a global telemedicine and medical advisory company.  VIGILINT’s telemedicine model removes time and distance from traditional healthcare access and reduces medical-related stress and anguish for global travelers.  The VIGILINT team hails from major US corporations, the US military, National Security Council, CDC, US Departments of Homeland Security and Health & Human Services and academic medical centers.  Since 2006, VIGILINT has been serving individuals, corporations, NGOs, academic institutions and the government.