In Person Care. Anytime. Anywhere.

VIGILINT’s Medical Staffing provides your organization with a team of medical professionals who have extensive global MEDICAL and risk management experience.

We deploy a wide range of medical professionals to support your organization’s myriad medical needs. Turn-key solutions that include medical staffing, mobile medical units, medical escort and long-term on-site medical support in domestic and international locales. One-on-one or small group staffing is available for individuals, families, and corporate groups.

Our staffing practice has a deep bench of medical resources backed by operations, intelligence, and logistics experts — which enables our delivery in remote locations, domestic venues, or where the medical infrastructure is inadequate or overtaxed.

VIGILINT Physicians are board-certified and have prior experience with the US military, National Security Council, CDC, US Departments of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services, or emergency medicine. VIGILINT also offers experienced physician assistants, nurses and paramedics who provide immediate support for your organization.

On-Site Personnel:

Preparing for and treating medical issues at a variety of special events ranging from high-attendance sporting venues, leadership retreats, off-site training and external company events.


Our personnel will handle minor illnesses, manage major emergencies, oversee local physicians and if necessary, coordinate all aspects of a medical evacuation to the patient’s hospital of choice, anywhere in the world.


Scalable from a handful to more than 1000 attendees, and the level of support will be based on the requirements of each unique event.

Site Evacuations:

Detailed evaluation of local medical services and facilities for the management of medical emergencies and urgencies.

"As a global media and communications company, complex medical challenges frequently confront our offices and business travelers. VIGILINT plays a valuable role in our crisis management process as a trusted medical advisor. Their team is incredibly knowledgeable and responsive. Global companies like ours are constantly affected by international health issues and VIGILINT has been a true partner when we needed an informed opinion to help set policy and guidance with respect to medical challenges affecting the health and safety of our employees and our ability to meet our client obligations. They are my first call whenever a medical crisis arises.”